Friday, 19 March 2010

Beyonce 'Video Phone' inspired look!

So today I was watching the 'Video Phone' music video by Beyonce and Lady Gaga, and I loved Beyonce's make up look at the beginning of the video. It's nothing too fancy, black shadow which is 'winged out' at the corners and lots of black liner, a contoured cheek and a nude lip. It caught my attention nontheless! :)

As I'm off out tonight, I decided to have a go at
my own interpretation, which turned out like this:

I can't really pull off a totally matte, nude lip so I went for a pale pink lipstick instead. It took a lot of patience and I would definitely recommend doing your eyes before the rest of your face, but I was impressed with the result.

To begin, apply Urban Decay Primer Potion to make sure your shadow doesn't budge, then apply black liner in a thick stripe along the upper lash line. It doesn't have to be too neat at this stage, so you can blend the line upwards with your finger to darken the lid a little. Next, apply a matte black eyeshadow all over your lid and into the crease using an eyeshadow brush with a flat top. Make sure the curve is sharp and defined using the top of the brush to create a line which wings outwards. The shadow should taper to a point and stop just in line with the edge of your eyebrow. Next, bring it downwards towards the lower outer corner of the eye. Apply black liner along the waterline, and use a pointed brush to smudge a line of black shadow along the lower lash line. Make sure your lines join up at the inner corner of the eye, like Beyonce's in the picture :)
Next, apply a coat of your favourite mascara, preferably a thickening mascara rather than a lengthening one, as you want to keep that smooth line and not see lashes poking up! :) I skipped mascara on the lower lashes as they don't need it for this look.

Next, it's time for foundation. A full coverage foundation is the best bet for this look, as skin needs to look flawless so attention is all on the eyes. Use a tapered brush loaded with bronzing powder to contour your temples and upper cheeks, and use a neutral blush or highlighting powder to sculpt and shape the cheeks.

For lips, I applied a touch of concealer to my lips to tone down their pinkness, then applied a coat of Angel lipstick by Mac (my new favourite!) and that's it!


  1. I like! I can never get my eyes even when I try a similar sort of thing so I end up looking cross eyed!

  2. awh :( it took a lot of time and patience! i think using an angled shadow brush was the key thing and then using a cotton bud dipped in make up remover to clean up the edges :) x

  3. nicely done! :D

    follow my blog too? :)