Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Mac Haul!

Woo! Yesterday Mr Postman brought me some lovely new Mac goodies :D
I thought I'd get more Spring Colour Forecast, but in the end I only wanted Fresh Salmon lipstick and vetoed everything else in favour of other stuff! That other stuff being...

♥ Angel lipstick - I've heard rave reviews about this lipstick and I'm on the lookout for my 'perfect' pink! Hopefully, this will be it. It looks like it'll be a nice everyday colour.
♥ Well Dressed blush - pale, subtle matte pink. I fell in love with it at the Mac counter last week and had to have it as soon as payday came hehe! I don't own any blushes as pale as this and I'm hoping it will highlight my cheeks without being too overpowering.
♥ A new Mineralize Skinfinish Natural as I'm scraping out the corners of mine! :P
♥ Cranberry eyeshadow - gorgeous! I can see this being more of a winter colour if I'm honest, it's very Christmassy (please don't kill me for mentioning the C-word in March ;)! ) A deep scarlet shadow with gold reflects, which swatches more of a reddy-brown colour and seems more wearable than I would have thought.

Top: Fresh Salmon
Bottom: Angel

Fresh Salmon - Coral with gold shimmer and a lustre finish. Can't wait for summer so I can use this beaut every day :D

Angel - not as lilac as it looks on camera! Lovely pale, muted pink with a glossy frost finish.

I'm very pleased with this little lot :) Must curb excessive hauling for now though as I'm on a mission to save!


  1. that lipstick has a really nice corally pinkish color. i think i've seen that at mac. my sister recently got the lady gaga lipstick. have you tried it?

    Will now follow your blog. Follow mine too? :)


  2. yeah it does, i love coral for summer :)
    i didn't manage to catch Viva Glam Gaga while it was online, but I expect I'll pick it up Saturday when I go get my Liberty haul :D
    What do you think of it? Does your sister like it :)

    ...and I'm following you now :) xx